Easy Hot Chocolate Bombs

Posted: February 2

Time: 20 minutes

Yield: 3 servings

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What's an Easy Hot Chocolate Bomb, you ask? Good question! Hot Chocolate Bombs, or hot cocoa bombs, are little balls of chocolate that you put into a mug and pour hot milk over. When the milk hits the bomb, the creamy chocolate melts and magically releases the rich cocoa and fluffy marshmallows inside. Voila! Instant hot cocoa! Easy Hot Chocolate Bombs are fun to make—not to mention a delicious treat for anyone to enjoy.


• 8 ounces chocolate wafers, chips, or baking chocolate • 3 tablespoons hot chocolate mix • 6 tablespoons marshmallow bits


Step 1

Melt the chocolate in a small microwave-safe mixing bowl in 15-second intervals, making sure to stir in between microwaving, until it is smooth.

Step 2

Then, add in a heaping tablespoon of your melted chocolate into 6 half sphere silicone molds, spreading the chocolate out evenly using a spoon so that it coats the molds evenly.

Step 3

Flip the molds over a parchment lined baking tray and lightly shake. This will discard excess chocolate out of the mold parchment; remember, the melted chocolate will formthe shell and not the filling of the bomb.

Step 4

Put the coated silicone molds on a different baking sheet and refrigerate or freeze until the chocolate sets, about 5 minutes.

Step 5

Chocolate side down, press the mold gently and carefully remove the chocolate shells onto your baking sheet.

Step 6

Fill 3 of the half spheres with 1 tablespoon of the hot chocolate mix and 2 tablespoons of the marshmallows each.

Step 7

Warm up a plate or bowl in the microwave.

Step 8

Put the bottom rims of the empty chocolate shells onto the plate, slightly melting the chocolate around the edges.

Step 9

Put the melted chocolate edges onto the edges of the filled half shells, pressing lightly to seal them. Try to handle the chocolate as little as possible to ensure their maximum pristine appearance.

Step 10

Alternatively, add the rest of the melted chocolate into a sealable or piping bag, and use it to pipe a line of chocolate around the edges of the shells to seal them.

Step 11

If desired, smooth out the seal with a hot spoon.

Step 12

Decorate the hot chocolate spheres using the melted chocolate in a piping bag and add onto some colorful sprinkles, more hot chocolate mix, some marshmallow bits, cookie crumbles, or even peppermints for a holiday.

Step 13

Serve when desired.

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