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Stovetop Tetrazzini tastes like a weekday luxury, and no one but you needs to know it only takes 30 minutes to make! Forks will swirl the buttery spaghetti that's drenched in a thick, rich, and creamy sauce–they'll swear it took hours to achieve such flavor. To guarantee everyone is left filled to the brim, savory crumbled turkey, spongey sliced mushrooms, refreshing chopped celery, and sweet diced pimientos join in the indulgence. Tossed together in a great big bowl with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese, Stovetop Tetrazzini will be your scrumptious, simple secret!

Posted: June 17
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The classic Kentucky sandwich meets (or should we say "meats?") the classic of American home cooking! Hot Brown Turkey Casserole captures the flavors of the beloved lunchtime staple, including the juicy turkey and crispy bacon as well as the cheesy, creamy Mornay sauce and the fluffy sandwich bread. Then it travels to the oven for a leisurely bake before getting topped by bright tomatoes and allowing everyone to help themselves to a helping! Hot Brown Turkey Casserole changes the lunchtime game by essentially making sandwiches for everyone all at once... to everyone's delight!

Posted: June 29
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California Burger Bowls have ambitions. They want to amaze your tastebuds while also offering a healthy, easy, and speedy lunch or dinner. And they succeed! In less than half an hour, California Burger Bowls whip up juicy, savory turkey burgers loaded with the easygoing heat of the West Coast sun and topped with tangy and sweet bites of tropical fruit with the smooth creaminess of avocado. Each bowl is pure happiness all the way down; it leaves you feeling good and your tastebuds feeling elated.

Posted: August 3